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Dalsted & Ryan, P.C. 

Attorneys at Law


                   Jamestown Office:                      Carrington Office:

                  208 Second Ave. SW, Suite 201                 105 10th Ave. North 
                    Post Office Box 1727                                  Carrington, North Dakota 58421
                    Jamestown, North Dakota 58401               Telephone: (701) 652-1LAW (1529)
                    Telephone: (701) 252-6668
                    Toll Free:    (886)732-1506

                        Leo A. Ryan, Attorney

                        Kara E. Brinster, Attorney

                          Abbagail C. Geroux, Attorney


                        Jolene Moos, Legal Administrative Assistant

                        Marie Veil, Paralegal

                           Sarah Tucker, Legal Assistant